The Fall Victoria Lyrics

The Frenz Experiment Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Frenz
  • 2 Carry Bag Man
  • 3 Get a Hotel
  • 4 Victoria
  • 5 Athlete Cured
  • 6 In These Times
  • 7 The Steak Place
  • 8 Bremen Nacht (alternative)
  • 9 Guest Informant (excerpt)
  • 10 Oswald Defence Lawyer
  • 11 Tuff Life Booogie
  • 12 Guest Informant
  • 13 Twister
  • 14 There's a Ghost in My House
  • 15 Hit the North, Part 1
  • It was bad, called obscene
    And the rich were so mean
    Stately homes for the Lords
    Golden lawns, village green
    Victoria was my queen

    Victoria, Victoria, Victoria
    I was born, lucky me
    In the land that I love
    Though I'm poor, I am free
    When I go I shall fight
    For this land I will die
    Let her sun never set on

    Victoria, Victoria, Victoria
    Canada to India
    Australia to Cornwall
    Singapore to Hong Kong
    From the West to the East
    From the rich to the poor
    Victoria loved them all

    Victoria, Victoria, Victoria

    Written by: Raymond Douglas Davies
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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