The Unseen Useless Regrets Lyrics

Got the demon in my veins,
Crawling blind and my head’s a wreck
Wear it like a badge (of honor) on our chests,
But it’s more like a noose wrapped around my neck

The more I fight the tighter it gets,
Cutting off my air and I can’t breathe
Like the siren’s song so innocent,
Till you’re its victim and cannot leave (so we)

Raise a glass to poor decisions,
Broken hearts, and blurred vision

This can’t last forever

Everybody’s got their own story
But the ends all sound the same
Staring down an empty bottle
Looking for someone else to blame
Who’s at fault it doesn’t mater,
We’d still be stuck in this place
Looking for another distraction,
Another chance to waste (so we)

Oh [x2]
Useless regrets[x4]

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