Fake? Used To Be A Bad Thing Lyrics

Used to be a bad thing!

See all the colors in your eyes
See them flowing out to mine
Hear a drum beat loud inside
Every time you touch me
I think I wanna get to know
This feel good punch drunk strange reaction

Hear so much talk of it in life
A sensation that can blind
An emotion once you find
You won't want to let go
This time I wanna know for sure
I think I've got that thing inside me

Sometimes I wonder if I should
Sometimes I wonder if I could
Sometimes I stop 'cause this thing called love yeah
Used to be a bad thing!

Feel all my chemicals divide
As they turn from black to white
Am I coming back to life?
Is it all returning?
This time I gotta know for sure, I think I'll trust this strange reaction
This time I wanna get it on and let someone inside me, baby

Sometimes I wanna know if you're right
Sometimes I gotta know what to do
Sometimes I start to feel that it's alright
I feel it so warm inside
But I can stil hide myself from the bright light
'Cause this love thing that you do
Used to be a bad thing!

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