Unlord Uprising Hordes Lyrics

Schwarzwald Track Listing
  • 1 Inferno Bizarre
  • 2 Uprising Hordes
  • 3 Rivers of Fire and Blood
  • 4 Schwarzwald
  • 5 Monarchy Dies
  • 6 Heroism
  • 7 Outburst of Hate
  • 8 Where Fires Burn
  • 9 E caha di bela
  • 10 Messiah noir
  • 11 Blackbird
  • 12 Thunderbuilder
  • 13 Summoned Be Thy Flesh
  • prepare the land to burn
    carried on winds of war
    uprising hordes
    pilgrimage force
    praise the unlord
    until the dawn

    decapitate their god
    summon their wives to rot
    children are slaves of hell
    uprising hordes
    rising for war
    pilgrimage force
    until the dawn

    as we arrive, we leave no stone unturned
    and the smoke reaches high
    king ilves, countless heads roll
    they're destined to die

    from our hair dris the blood
    carve our swords in bones
    sitting proud and rest
    and take only the best

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