Refused Untitled Lyrics

This Just Might Be… the Truth Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Pump the Brakes
  • 3 Trickbag
  • 4 5th Freedom
  • 5 Untitled
  • 6 Strength
  • 7 Our Silence
  • 8 Dust
  • 9 Inclination
  • 10 Mark
  • 11 Tide
  • 12 Bottom
  • what have they made of me?
    an image of man, I never set out to be
    a hollow shell of happiness, the real truth lies inside
    I've tried to break this cage, I've really tried
    beautiful outside, and ugly inside
    or is it the other way around?
    a reflection of rejection I will not not play your game
    your definition of beauty is just too insane.
    Try to break free, from what captures me
    Try to set free, what's inside me

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