Gavin DeGraw Untamed Lyrics

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The letters you wrote me have hollow point headers
If you think you've got it like that find somebody better
You said I need fixing, you numbered the stages
But I won't be living in one of your cages
Open your mind and understand

When you're hard on me, it's not what I need
We were meant to be untamed
I'm on my feet, wanna run free
Because nobody's taming me.

I'm out from the narrow protective container
Designed to be opened with your childish behavior
Cause you're not the critic of personal purpose
And I'm just not willin' to community service
I don't know why you lay it on


You say that I should lend a shoulder
Right now, cause your whole world is blowing up
Go ahead, but I won't be your soldier
Cause you're the one who started up,
You're the one who started up

[Chorus: x2]

Because nobody's taming me

We were meant, we were meant to be untamed.

We were meant, we were meant to be
We were meant to be untamed

Oh, oh

Written by: Gavin Degraw
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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