Common Universal Mind Control Lyrics

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(Uh, uh)
Hey, yo
(Uh, uh)
All they wanna do is dance

That's all they wanna do
(Uh, uh)

Get-Get it
Get-Get it (what?)
Get-Get it (what?)

This is that automatic I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic
Beat goes fast, exceed galactic
Southside boy we Cadillactic Charismatic,
Asiatic, I hustle for mathematics
Cameras, action, stay status
Act the type of yo favorite actress
Gucci, Rocking
Coochies, Popping
Movie, Watching
Booties, Shopping
Body, moving, showing, grooving, styling and being fly
I touch the masses like a Catholic.
Expensive rap ****, my future's backlit
Ain't a act with gack who macks and stacks my
Venac attracts y'all react so let's go, uh

[Chorus: Pharrell]
This is that new ****.
Keep tearing ya mind.
That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind.
You know you like it, it's calling your name.
*****, this is that new **** and it don't feel the same.
It's that bang

Some pop, some lock, some move robotic.
Like Cash Money, I stay in pocket.
You MC's Ra-Ra-Ra Rock, don't stop it.
Chicks exotic, mix hypnotic?
Superhero-row Boy I'm bionic.
You a fad, I'm another level supersponic?
Girl you bout' it,
You can strip like comic and trance to melodic, techno-tronic

Beats, rocking
Seats, dropping
C, popping
Streets, rocking
Freaking, shaking, money making, styling and being fly.

I'm the one the lady,
Ladies chose to strip and pose to,
Take off their close to,
Toast to the one that goes coast to coast
Don't miss the global focal let's go, uh


Get-Get it
Get-Get it
Get-Get it

I am a Renegade,
I've never been afraid,
Fresh and I'm getting paid the future,
Future of this age.
From the south, so I talk this way.
Twista hate at the Grand Marque,
Rock the fly **** like everyday till the top and im on my way.
Let's go, uh