Varathron Unholy Funeral Lyrics

His Majesty at the Swamp Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 His Majesty at the Swamp
  • 2 Son of the Moon (Act II)
  • 3 Unholy Funeral
  • 4 Lustful Father
  • 5 Nightly Kingdoms
  • 6 Flowers of My Youth
  • 7 The River of My Souls
  • 8 The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep (Act I)
  • On the altar of darkness
    The demons are rattling their swords
    The battle started
    In the bowels of the earth
    (In the bowels of the Tartarus)
    Blasphemous warcries, leper sound
    Miasma of a damned soul
    The graves are opened

    The time stopped
    The psalms sound
    The abyssis reign of blasphemy
    The pleasure of sin, last invocation to thy

    The bloody revenge boiled
    Pain, hate for them
    Who will not see the light again
    The darkness is ruling
    No mercy to the sacrilege dogs
    Fire and leper-curse to them
    Black mass, unholy invocation
    Last confession, ultimate pain

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