The xx Unfold Lyrics

Coexist Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Angels
  • 2 Chained
  • 3 Fiction
  • 4 Try
  • 5 Reunion
  • 6 Sunset
  • 7 Missing
  • 8 Tides
  • 9 Unfold
  • 10 Swept Away
  • 11 Our Song
  • 12 Reconsider
  • Am I blind
    You move your hand away from mine
    I take it as a sign
    That you're any less than mine
    Oh, it doesn't move me to be cold
    It doesn't lessen my hope
    You know our time and all

    Oh, let it unfold
    I won't leave it untold
    The feeling goes on and on and on

    In my head
    You tell me things you've never said
    And I choose to forget
    And take the good and leave the rest
    Oh, the illusions getting old
    And you don't answer when I call
    I would have given you it all

    Oh, out of sight out of mind
    It doesn't mean you're not mine
    The feeling goes on and on and on

    Written by: James Thomas Smith, Oliver Sim, Romy Anna Madley Croft
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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