Lash Out Undertake Lyrics

What Absence Yields Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 As Life Takes the Knife to Its Heart
  • 2 Winteryear
  • 3 Near Life Experience
  • 4 Undertake
  • 5 Frost
  • 6 VI
  • 7 Air
  • 8 Driving the Nails
  • 9 Caress of Solitude
  • 10 In Memorandum
  • 11 To Follow Ones Shadow
  • Grind on my spine
    Fields of flowers sun embraced
    Broken by the driven mass

    Smiling faces, laughing child
    No suffering from your infection
    Fir eyour arms from point blank range
    The circle is now complete

    The things done with eyes of one
    Speak of those with forked tongue
    Catch the words with molten ears
    Let them flee rearranged

    Swallow your seeds in trust of you
    Ripped by the thorns of the growing flower
    You build your throne on tiny straws
    Straws you took from other nests

    The god inside sees no wrong
    The geo is satisfied

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