R.A. the Rugged Man feat. Hopsin Underground Hitz Lyrics

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It's a jungle out there, you gotta have
It's a jungle out there, you gotta have

[Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man]
Yo, I'll put my d___ out and I'll pee on your property
Being a mockery, I'm abusive cheating never believing in monogamy
Mediocrity, pockets full of singles at the strip club, cash dropping
No class a__ riding, I'm heinous, atrocious, repulsive, I'm past shocking
Rappers is speaking with no heart, don't start
It don't matter, I can slay you to Bach, Bethoven, Amadeus Mozart
At the dinner table cursing wiping c__ on your curtain
I'm a poverty pirate, a poor penny pitching pitiful person
I'm from the 80's where we were skeezing and pleasing the skeezers
Thieving and popping and shooting and robbing
And boosting and stealing your sneakers
Won't be in Forbes mag on no Forbes listes
But my life is parties and gambling
Hookers, w____ houses and p___ b____es
Hotel orgies with groupies, we rock stars, heart throbs
On the roof throwing cinder blocks from the hoods at cop cars
I'mma disrespect you to pigs, you was squeeling too, they didn't protect you
Living and learning and losing listening to the lecture
Hitting it and giving it extras
s_____ your prom date, rip the c___ hole
I'm the bully, get your lunch stole
House parties, stick my b____ in the punchbowl
Come on, sing it

[Hook](Ruste Juxx)
If you sick twisted, disgusting
It's a jungle out there, you gotta have
(Hits, hits, hits, n____, hits hits hits
Hits, hits, hits, n____, hits hits hits)
You gotta have

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Yo, it's Rugged Man and Hop, we never get handed props
We keeping it dope and underground as the planet watch

Talking like you the hardest artist and you can't get knocked
So keep thinking that, take this track and play it back
Just to remind you that everything you f___ing say is wack
But don't get mad and start cussing at us
Cause we just finally fixed the s___ cause you was f___ing it up
Yo, I'm sick of the game and everything it deals with
Yo, R.A. come over and bring the kill switch
Our brains are real sick, insane and filled with
A gang of ill s___, we can't be killed, b____
Who want it with us? We never tow and get up
Don't try to step up cause I promise that you'll only get bucked
Emcees are scared running as we slowly erupt
We was born for this, yo, it's time to bring the chorus in


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