AZ Undeniable Lyrics

Undeniable Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Game Don't Stop
  • 2 Superstar
  • 3 Life On The Line
  • 4 Fire
  • 5 What Would You Do (feat. Jay Rush)
  • 6 Dead End
  • 7 Parking Lot Pimpin'
  • 8 Undeniable
  • 9 Go Getta (feat. Ray J)
  • 10 Now I Know
  • 11 A. Game
  • 12 The Hardest (feat. Styles P) (video mix)
  • [Chorus:]
    Rolling down the block pushing something you ain't never seen (yeah)
    Shorty riding shotgun so incredible (so incredible) (gorgeous)
    Lay back in the? down gangster lean (I stay chilling daddy, you dig, ha ha)
    This feeling is undeniable

    [Verse 1: AZ]
    Drama seas, sands so white
    Bahamas beach, your plans go right
    Out of reach, Rambo flights
    In some two seater, sitting up like cleavage
    Plane conceded, the prayer was a paraplegic
    Save the chatter, my swagga's needed, believe it
    Button ups, tailor custom cuts,
    Trees on the feet, physique ****s him up
    That's what's up
    Straight from the gutter side
    Keep clean on everything my mother dries
    Still I love Allah, sucker for southern fries
    Facing affiliation, embracing my butterflies
    I, (I) been down for a minute now
    There's none flyer, all the live wires in the ground
    A young messiah, admired by entire town
    Sun-fire, stay higher than Miriah's sound
    So you know I'm on some other ****
    Sneak peak, low creep, deep cover ****


    [Verse 2: AZ]
    Local wars, coastal brawls,
    If you ball at once, what's the most you saw?
    If you fall, do you really got folks to call?
    With that bell on hand, why they tell on fam? (sigh)
    I feel his pain, how the unfortunate try to steal the fame
    How it's more nauseousness than the killer in ray
    Through so much anger, (clenching jaw) I know such danger
    Thoreau, I'm a decade in
    From a borough way wicked than Wes Craven
    Then again
    Certain things I could never do
    My whole life, get it right, get revenue
    Get a wife, get a white BMW
    2 doors style, take that roof off now
    (Ha) that was dreams of a younger me
    Now my hunger's humongous as a Hummer 3
    Ferrari drop, with that time in the summer T


    [Verse 3: AZ]
    I'm unsure, how I felt before
    But for now all I ask, is Lord help us all
    Help me stay focused, I'm self absorbed
    And then sunny vibrations, real spot that's spacious
    Few cases, Julio Englacias
    Ow from the coop, I'm like Owens in the booth
    Big boy, had his know from the roof
    Way before rap, I can more than fall back
    All that it's a beautiful zone
    I stay mellow like musical tone, (musical tone)


    Is undeniable
    Is undeniable
    Is undeniable

    This feeling is undeniable

    Written by: Robert Perry, Arnold Mischkulnig, Anthony S. Cruz, Darnell Allen Daniels
    Lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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