Wargasm Undead Lyrics

Why Play Around Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Wasteland
  • 2 Revenge
  • 3 Bullets And Blades
  • 4 Undead
  • 5 Merritt's Girlfriend
  • 6 Sudden Death
  • 7 Wargasm
  • 8 Le Cou Cou
  • 9 Humanoid
  • Without warning without name tearing through the ground they came
    No tomb will hold them coffins crack earth is spewing bodies back
    Cemeteries once were filled ancient curse is now fulfilled
    One thousand years of tortured screams

    Corpses fill the city streets the walking dead their sleep has ceased
    Claiming souls the undead march they're marching on with undead hearts
    Human targets living flesh tied and chained they die best
    The dead they don't stay down for long

    Tonight man's fate is sealed tonight the end is revealed
    Invincible they will prevail immortal armies will not fail
    Weapons will do no good they don't die like they should
    Invincible they will prevail immortal armies will not fail

    As darkness falls across the world the undead disease cannot be cured
    Building armies burning down seizing cities all around
    Smoke and dust and bodies rise victims taken by surprise
    The living must be made undead

    All hope is gone no chance to win we're now undead we're giving in
    Memories of life before waking dreams an all out war
    Death is not the living end to die is to being again
    We will not stop we know no pain

    Written by: Barry Wayne Spillberg, Richard Mark Spillberg, Robert Mayo
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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