Motionless in White Undead Ahead Lyrics

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My love now where have you been
She begs this night to just end
Tranquilize, fantasize
Until your heart caves in

Kill all the lights as midnight approaches
Tonight's the night my nightmares come to life
I must confess my final breath is heavy with the fog
He smiles back with his pumpkin grin.

At midnight he
Rides forth to the scene of battle
In nightly quest of his head, the pumpkin.
Eyesight moonlight this place is haunted

Sleepy Hollow, he follows.
I am the devil and I, I'm telling you to kill her
So we can dance in death tonight
You cannot run you can't hide, sick screaming little whore,

He's going to wrap you up real tight
This place is haunted, possession by a ghost
The headless horseman rides, at midnight
This place is haunted

Tonight's the night of the living dead.
I know, I know. I knew it'd come to this
But we can't all be perfect.
Run quick, he cannot cross the bridge
Ichabod, Ichabod.

Written by: Angelo Joel Parente, Chris Cerulli, Joshua Joseph Balz, Richard Allen Olson
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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