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<i>[Dedicated to the memory of Nick Traina]</i>
i can still hear our music, sound of one hundred screaming. silver tongued and simon-pure. half complete without you here. thick as thieves. miles worth more than memories. the curtain is coming down. in yesterdays we drown. i know you'll never leave. i've lost faith in everything. i hold our memories dear. AND I MISS YOU! a sunrise in Hollywood. the sun set in september. it forgot to rise the next day. let your light, light our way.
The Struggle Continues... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Addiction
  • 2 Evil Twin
  • 3 Right Hook
  • 4 Intolerance
  • 5 Nothing New
  • 6 Resist in G Minor
  • 7 Step Up
  • 8 Face Down
  • 9 My Girl
  • 10 Past Tense
  • 11 Time for Change
  • 12 Tengo Nada
  • 13 Peril After Peril
  • 14 Unbroken

  • Written by: Annie Roboff, Mary Holladay Lamar

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