Red Lights Flash Unanimous Lyrics

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Excuse for everything is basic human nature
The way it was, this way we go...
It drives me crazy
Millions can't be wrong
Herd instinct at it's best
Millions have been wrong Ha, that was a funny thing to say
I should be old enough to know better:
Bragging of familiar facts? But here comes the avalanche
Sweeping along
Those mindless millions
that all have been wrong
Join this party - turn to the other side
Non-with-standing? Here comes the avalanche
If only we can bring the evidence
Words are cheap but powerful
So try to be careful
Wasting this big mouth for such a small talk
Don't play this game:
THAT was a funny thing to say
And Time Goes By Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 No Reply
  • 2 P(owerfull) C(hoices)
  • 3 Unanimous
  • 4 High Time for Setting Up a Wail
  • 5 The Red Tape
  • 6 The Stones Unturned
  • 7 No Life Assurance
  • 8 Contaminate the Unison
  • 9 Implied Warranty
  • 10 Glorified Servant - A Dedicated Max
  • 11 Every Single Breath
  • 12 Lose This Day
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