Mr. Cheeks Unanimous Decision Lyrics

John P. Kelly Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Radio Intro
  • 2 Lights, Camera, Action!
  • 3 Mama Say (feat. Stephen Marley)
  • 4 Friday Night (feat. Horace Brown)
  • 5 Here We Come
  • 6 Bump Heads (feat. Big Gipp)
  • 7 Worldwide Bouncin'
  • 8 What the Fuck Is This
  • 9 Till We Meet Again (feat. Stephen Marley)
  • 10 I Remember
  • 11 Let's Go
  • 12 Fuckin' With Walt
  • 13 Unanimous Decision
  • 14 Major
  • Ay yo listen, I blow the spot hot, chicks I only get with
    My ***** says, ?Got me ****, to help me spit with?
    Me and my crew, man, we don't got the same dimes
    Don't got the same style, don't got the same rhymes

    Ay yo, this **** is major, blow my cell and pager
    Say, ?I love but hate ya, love my cousin Hasha?
    I'm in the strap game tight, I'm in the mix of things
    Ay yo this spot here is only for the folks who came

    Why were the *****s talkin'? You better keep on walkin'
    You reppin' Queens *****, I'm reppin' East New York
    We keep the blunts sparkin' keep all the *****es talkin'
    Stop all the yappin' *****, before you in a coffin

    Yo why you startin' Cheeks and then I stop to cough
    On this track like a newborn orphan, I stay boss face
    Up in the club flossin' with Dave Chanel
    I just met him but I be tossin'

    Yo before this *****s did it I had to Yankee fit it
    With the black bandannas, yo this **** bananas
    They think they doin' them, they really doin' me
    They think they doin' are O L Q L E

    They need to knock it off, I got the bank tight
    Ay yo I'm back up in this game as if I'm Frank White
    It's time to give it to these *****s, kid it's really time
    No doubt you gettin' burned, you need to learn to rhyme

    **** from a dummy *****, it's nothin' funny *****
    We rockin' gold fronts way before cash money *****
    The wife beat if off, I keeps the heater warm
    You thought G was gone and now you see it's on

    I keep it really raw, that's how we give it to 'em
    I'm holdin' down my G's we need to get to doin'
    I got these kids growin', at least they right behind me
    I live in 2 0 7, East New York you know where to find me

    Ay yo let's get this money, let's stash some real estate
    No doubt I feel the love, no doubt I feel the hate
    It's no stopping us, some corny *****s hatin' us
    Who pushin' us back to back, who skatin' us

    On twenty inches now, with my tens down
    I push a truck now, don't give a **** now
    I got my ho with me, she wanna roll with me
    You wanna smoke with me? Well, ***** roll up with me

    Yo, I keep it low key, the whole world know me
    I put a lot of *****s on, *****s owe me
    *****s know how I get down, how I do
    I know I bit off more than I could ****in' chew

    Ay yo I hit you *****, never forget you *****
    Dynamic duo, you's a slim grim, I'm holy chulu
    The greatest tag team ever, got our **** together
    Yo I'm a field jacket, yo I'm a butter leather

    That's how we make a hood Queens, Brooklyn
    Once again **** is on, can we gone
    C'mon, c'mon

    Written by: David Saget, G. Saldez, Terrance Cocheeks Kelly
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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