Edgewater U Lyrics

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I'm trying hard to watch the picture that you've framed of me
You don't know how much i would give to really make you see
That I'm right here, right now

I speak a word and then I feel like loose another tongue
I'm Jack late when you wanna make me feel that I belong
Right here, right now

I'm alone in myself

There's many thoughts inside I've whispered when I'm on my own
Ain't it strange, but I can phrase them right in front of you
I'm right here, not right now

I'm walking down this lonesome, late and talk to God and hope
That you be there to tell you oh, and let you know
It's inside me, down here

I feel like this road that fangs into the night
Led up by angels, I failed to recognize
It's paved with the words that I don't find

(Chorus x2)
And I don't know my way, I know side of salvation
No matter how hard I pray
I'm lost in translation
Ungrateful I run the down room, alone in myself
Alone in myself x2

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