Sterling Simms U Should Be With Me Lyrics

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So fly, oh, my, baby girl, let me know what’s up
Understand you have a man, but I know how to play the card.
So think on it now, but I’ll just trying to wait on that,
So until you tell me to fall back imma be on that, girl,
Imma go ahead and paint your world,
Introduce you to Channel, why you sell, no more Gucci, girl.
That mean ‘cause you saw the lead, want to be on your feet.
Got your bags to make it complete,
Roll up the kush while you’re rolling the cheek
Only the best when you roll it with me, so
Fuck with a nigger, fly with a nigger,
But you never had lunch in France,
Let me take you to the movies, baby.
Feel best at balling cans,
That will not mean, take a call, make a shit,
Talking to Cassie, girl, this is legit.
I’ll pick you up, I pick a struck,
Baby, come on it, keep fuck with you, kid.

We should be together, we should be together, baby,
We should be together, we should be together, baby
We should be together, let me put you on on anything,
What more can I say? Bitch, you should be with me.

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