Killer Mike U Know I Love U Lyrics

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Whoa, baby, whoa, baby, whoa, baby
La la la, la la la, yeah..

[Chorus x2]
I would never leave you girl (My girl, my wife)
You know I love you (My pain, my strife)
Oh baby, oh baby
I would never leave you girl (Good days, bad nights)
You know I love you (Lovely fistfights)
Oh baby, oh baby

Killa for, look at us, forvever ****ed up
All we do is ****, fight, and get X'ed up
Enough, enough
We bad for each other, mama
But our sex life ain't right without drama
In combat, sweet agony upon that
I deliver, make you take it soft and break it hard
Like dope dealers, I'm a husband to a wife
But I'm ya *****, and you a perfect drug
Make a ***** heart quiver
You a hard breakin hard liquor on my liver
Like 'dro and gin go together, you a mind shifter
Body dark like a Cognac, I'm pissy drunk
In light ??, I stay drunk
My pretty little vampire, my delila
Teach me how to hate the truth and how to love a liar
You a vicious mind-bending ??
You the perfect drug, ultimate high, and I'm a fiend


You're my path to the pen or the crazy house
I deliver **** raw and won't take it out
Either that or you the devil's daughter, can't fake it
Killing me slow, I know and I can't shake it
Please stay, please leave, please don't go
Please walk away and let me be to die slow
This love is deeper than the grave and it's forever
Snake pit, you're venom beyond measure
Pandora's box a lot, my treasure
If love is strong as the grave, make me deader
Jezebel got my soul and my cheddar
Every time I beat it down, it jumps wetter
Like a dark cloud, bringing me pain and bad weather
I remain inside of your rain with no umbrella
I couldn't write the words, I blame this letter
Til death do us part, we deserve to be together


A living drug, you're the ***** I hate to love
Learned to suck good **** by ****in' thugs
A ***** can't teach you, spread like a track meet
Breaking D-boys, MCs, and athletes, but not me
Told you from the start this **** is forever
We gon' go through this bad weather together
Whether the road or high side, you gon' ride
Through the fistfights and black eyes, it's you and I
Ike and Tina, our love is measured on a milimeter
They say a partner don't love a ***** til a ***** eat her
But I'm raw, and tired of the **********in talking
I'll be goddamned if you hit the door walking
I'm stalkin, the depths of Atlantis, evil enchantress
Slick and underhanded
****in with you like dancing with the devil, no command *****
No ?? leaving *****z empty-handed
I lost everything I had just to lust you
*****, you take another step and I'll bust you
***** you take another step and I'll bust you

Monster Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Monster (intro)
  • 2 Monster
  • 3 AKshon (Yeah!)
  • 4 Rap is Dead
  • 5 Scared Straight
  • 6 All 4 U
  • 7 A.D.I.D.A.S.
  • 8 Creep Show
  • 9 U Know I Love U
  • 10 Home of the Brave
  • 11 L.I.V.E.
  • 12 Blow (Get Down)
  • 13 Sex, Drugs, Rap & Roll
  • 14 Dragon
  • 15 Re-AKshon (remix)
  • 16 [silence]
  • 30 Hand on the Nine, Finger on the Trigger

  • Written by: Andre Benjamin, John E.e. Clarke, Michael Render

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