Mystikal U Can't Handle This Lyrics

You would if you could

But you can't

So you ain't

The minute I step in dis *****

I hear Oh **** Motha****a God Damn!

Watch out for dat *****

You can't handle em

For a period of time

no one can match those rhymes to mine

I'm top of the line

Prickin your *** like a porcupine

I know what to do to knock your stupid *** so bad It ain't no challenge!

This ain't no motha****in fluke, This pure deep talent!

I'm Gifted, Explicit mistressed and Explicit

Brand new home, same old *****

I ain't playin with you *****es!

Why you *****z be rappin

Like your scared and unprepared

I'm gonn have ya leave this motha****a sayin Whatd that motha****a said?

Gimme the bud, the weed I puff like elvis and the beetles

That gets blazed, then a couple soft MC's on pins and needles

*****z that got beef wit me

Better bring a heater

or either bow down to me

Cut off you ****, jesus

that's the reason I'm ****in wit *****z

Wasup wit dem *****z dats talkin ****

You better go **** wit anotha *****

You can't handle this!

Oh ****, Motha ****a! God Damn! x8

Certified rhyme busta

***** *****, ***** *****

Same *****, If I'm not that *****

but that ***** from punks, still come with the rif raf

went from Gold diggin, ta gold chains

I went from Club Train, Ta Soul Train!

fightin like a wild coyote

Like capone, hot seller

Keep your ****in deck deader, then a bad woodpecker

I don't like *****z tryin ta run up on my **** and set

I'm the tarantula on the catipillar, ***** ill kill ya

Catch more attention, then oriental peacocks

Phat rhymes, Hot tracks, A full room of rebocks

I've got the gift that'll make a ***** get off me

spent like charles barkley

So ***** don't start me!

who's that click?

use to be mobbin in my hood

Beware! Here I go!

get that boy good

Come like, there I was

When were y'all idiots in the cut?

i raise the hacksaw, you jump back

Now y'all *****z don't want no trouble, can't stop us

I know ya'll ***** know better than to **** wit tha man

don't ya (dont ya)

***** don't you know what my style can't be poached

and every ***** around, probably got beef wit somebody

But that's the same ***** between the fighters

I ain't got it (i ain't got it)

When underground rules, will be tha day

My legs start to shake

another ***** couldnt off throw me on skates!

I'm the supplier

The gasoline on your fire, Got em dodge em

Michael Tyler! The drunken fighter

y'all *****z can't do what I do!

(man **** that *****)

Naw ********** you!

Good lord, the rhymes come through so hardcore

***** I got it if you bad enuff to take it

Its yours!

A lyrical *** whoopin

Is what I'm cookin

Hungry, Spittin all over your room when you wasn't lookin

ain't no canibus, the wrong ***** with ta mess

You get tha flatback like rambo *****

YOu can't handle this!

(11 times)

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