The Bravery Tyrant Lyrics

Every time you come around
There's another bouquet for me
A corsage of promises and I am pinned
Like a butterfly on a card
Now I'm naked and I'm scarred
And you're so perfect to me

Violent eyes but hands like a steeple
Tell me lies with a tongue like a needle
And every word's shot down my throat
A face like an iron fist
That I could never resist
I learned it all by rote

Words of wisdom, from your tyrant mouth

I'm stuck just like a pig
Roasting in your eyes
I'll believe anything that you want
You better teach me how to live
'cause you make me want to die
You took it all, now you're all I've got

These noises in my head
Just noises in my head
If I could I'd drown them right out
And bury all of these noises from your tyrant mouth

You're just a noise in my head
I'll drown you out and I'll bury all the
Noises from your hateful little mouth

Written by: John A. Conway, Samuel Bingham Endicott
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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