Kevin Gates Type Of Way Lyrics

If you gonna do it to me just get it over with quick

Fuck trying to bottle life you try to leave'em flossing
Got them all'now we retarded
People talking hearing voices they upset I'm balling
If you a killer put on twitter
You don't do no talking

What's that? Bad moves you the trout hoe
You know I whip diamond they whipped them
Ripped out the extendo
Got some hoes who bimboes
Might play shots with Timbo
Got a thick sub she a dying piece
Real round 6 she a nympho
Yeah anything bout a 100 gang
My can sink from a flip phone
My nuts ain't get in the lane
Like a touchdown on info
Pusha me no Pusha T
Jump out the window with clip phone
6 on, kicks on
Check Instagram, yo bitch gone

She never made this type of love
She feels some type of way
Beat up, smooth A, Imma smooth operator
I got this order and I might sip precaution
Different thought I'm hearing voices
Catch up if I lost ya
Like my bitches I got women stalking
I know killers but on Twitter they don't do no talking

With you on top and you don't even know what I'm thinking
Hold all the friend just another friend
I don't need to know whatcha drinking
Niggers I know might go to war for a chick
I told her I promised that if I could tell my mama
Got mobbers I knocked off
And I'm looking stupid I'm mugging
I'm feeling this bitch by myself
On slow put you like fuck
Magic city for the mimic chick
Fuck with none of these steps
They fuck withcha, break up withcha
Don't even need you

Heard her balling giving up she said her pussy balling
She's calling on for me
Pussy calling on for me
It's calling out for me
It's calling out for me

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