Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Two Friends Lyrics

2006 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Demons and Dragons
  • 2 Two Brides (interlude)
  • 3 Down in Mexico
  • 4 Happenstance (instrumental)
  • 5 The History of Sexual Jealousy, Parts 17 to 24
  • 6 Black Eyes
  • 7 Mars
  • 8 Get Me Out of This
  • 9 Frog
  • 10 Two Friends
  • 11 Monkmann
  • 12 Marche Slave (instrumental interlude)
  • 13 Independent Woman
  • 14 Dragons (reprise)

  • One friend says "Just get on with your life"
    And one friend says "There's no way you'll win this fight"
    Sometimes it just ain't worth it
    You gotta cut your loss

    One horse won 'cause he did it right
    And one horse lost though he fought with all his might
    They were a long time running
    It was a hard run race

    One twin died as he saw the light
    And one twin cried "You gotta fight the good fight
    Oh there are hard times coming
    It's such a hard hard road"

    One man's song really sounds absurd
    One man's song is the best you ever heard
    They took a long time writing
    Those rhymes are hard to find

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