The Mountain Goats Twin Human Highway Flares Lyrics

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You turned to me and asked me if I'd always be your boy
As we drove across the river into western Illinois
And on the railroad bridge, half a mile of solid steel
Wheels were spitting out sparks, scraping at the rails

Wind in your hair, alright
Sunset spilling through the rear window
Your white t-shirt hugging your shoulders
Beaded with sweat

On the day that I become so forgetful
That all of this melts away
I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down
To such a worthless day

As we walked across the parking lot towards the motel office
We were walking with a benediction on us
Light was everywhere, the building stood against the sky
Like a monument to desperation, two floors high

A mile and a half from the river
We went back to the car to get our overnight bags
Sunset spilling through your earrings
All over your body

When we shut the motel room door behind us
We knew we'd hit the motherlode
On the day that I forget you
I hope my heart explodes

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