Bathory Twilight of the Gods Lyrics

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There is a serpent in every Eden
Slick as grease and cold as ice
There is a lie in every meaning
Rest assured to fool you twice

In this age of utter madness
We maintain we are in control
And ending life before deliverance
While countries are both bought and sold

Holy writings hokus-pokus
Blaze of glory and crucifix
Prepried costly credit salvation's
TV-preachers and dirty tricks

Don't trust nobody
It will cost you much too much
Beware of the dagger
It caress you at first touch
O, all small creatures
It is the twilight if the gods

When the foundations to our existence
Begins to crumble one by one
And legislation protects its breakers
And he who was wrong but paid the most won

Even the gods of countless religions
Holds no powers against this tide
Of degeneration because we have now found
That there is no thrones up there in the sky

Run from this fire
It will burn your very soul
Its flames reaching higher
Came this far there is no hold
Oh, all small creatures
It is the twilight if the gods

(Twilight of the gods) [Repeat: x3]
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