SPM Twice Last Night Lyrics

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I pulled out my jimmy from a cracker jack box
The bullet proof vest
blocking all my c** shots
I got one in London and her name is regina
Then I got sofia she's from argentina
Love em and leave em hell
naw that aint my style
I'd rather stick around for a good lil while
At least twice a week if she's a good freak
b**** left a hicky on my left b*** cheek
Mann I'm as strong as an ox
And your baby mothers a bopper
We call her the head doctor
And nobody can stop her
You need to drop her
Cause all she really wants is a baller
That spends fifty thousand dollars
On a Mexican boxer

We did it twice last night
And once in the morning [x2]

She's riding my pony Mann she's h****
But it aint no fun if I cant call the homies
Early in the morning watching
erkl while she blow me
When she see me with my girlfriend
she act like she don't know me
Cause she got love for me
My b**** are never lonely
throw me crazy with that a**
And the pretty cheecharonies
In my room jamming oldies
She's dancing in her chonies
Had her screaming in the deli
Till the neighbors call the police
So we had to take it else where
Take it to the embassy
Picked up a stripper from
the l****** Tennessee
Half black and Japanese
Gone off them dakeries
My b**** ate her out
While I filled up her cavities
Then we did it

Twice last night
And once in the morning [x2]

[Baby Bash]
She grabbed me from my paw and I said aw naw
Rushed to the bed and jumped
straight on my joc
The next thing she saw playboy wasn't small
She asked baby bash can I please take it off
shawty and I'm yum yum
Mann we was doing it big
She made me c** c**
d*** I think I woke up her kid
But we was on one
With some dosure and wine
I gotta freak one
Aint no b**** colda then mine
She got that platinum punana
f*** madana and jenny jenny
My momma be on that remmy
Mixed with henny when she get me
And when I get her I gotta
Hotter than enchilada
Oohh she brought her friend too
Now it's a manaja twa
Against the wall let the camera record
I got the berries and the creep so
we will never be bored
She kissed that teta
Told her nena would you
please kiss your friend
She said you know I can dadda
But is you joining inn
I said for show
We started off slowly
Once it hit midnight we went hard at 1:40
And then at 2:30 we started talking dirty
You got me feeling like a champ
When I dip up in the fury
Forty five minutes straight
Dripping wet took a power nap
Six in the morning got her wetter
then the shower cap
She was on top and I was on under
A b a b a bed hit the wall and
it sounded like thunder
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