Sweet Baboo Twelve Carrots of Love Lyrics

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From what I could remember the sky is what you’re after
Do you remember we passed our house with giant ladybug outside?
Oh today I dreamed those bugs crawling all over your body
They took a hold of your firm body and placed gently over mine.

And now I must confess that I am in the best band ever
And I make the best love ever,
Last for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks.

And I’ll always call you baby, yeah, you’ll always be my baby
My heart is fit to bursting, in confetti and silly string.

A grip that I hold out is full of twelve carrots of love
The other twelve carrots are meddy
And I am lonely just to love you.

And I don’t need a reason to ever kiss a girl again
Or make another record or sing another song.

From what I do remember it’s the sky that’s what you’re after
And these bubbles that are fashioned will get you there and there and there and there

And I will always call you baby
Yeah, even though you’ll always be my baby
You know you know just where to find me
And I will take us both back to one.

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