Alive!! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I'm ALIVE!
  • 2 Better Off Alone
  • 4 Lose You Now
  • 5 Guilty Pleasure
  • 6 Turn Up The Stereo
  • 7 Outside Of You
  • 8 EMPTY
  • 9 Without You
  • 10 Make You Mad
  • 11 Perfect Me ~完璧な私~ (album version)
  • 12 Falling Down
  • 13 I Drove All Night
  • I don't know what went wrong
    You touch my hand and act as if we don't belong

    It'll fade, so you say
    You come on strong and then you change and walk away

    You try to stare me down with your lies
    By looking in your eyes and

    I turn to stone
    You are not the one I used to know
    And you'll take and I'll break but I'll go
    Where it's safe, I turn to stone
    But life goes on and on and on

    Don't recognize who you've become
    You're acting sly right in front of everyone
    It'll fade, so I've been told
    Till the one ignites you come and try to hold

    I got a lightning rod in my vein
    I can't explain


    Oh, no
    Your true colors are starting to show
    I will build up this wall and I'll go
    Nothing's left
    I turn to stone
    But life goes on

    Nothing is the same
    You will never change
    And I am out the door
    Gotta save myself
    From this shame in hell
    I can't take it anymore

    I don't know
    So it's wrong


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