Bobaflex Turn the Heat Up Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Ill like a birth defect, press select for the blue's dog
I'm the direct descendent of Desade,
control freaks act like God
Detached from the species,
I sling demon feces, a beastie learns from
what he sees Forever night time,
it's high time, I got mine
I spread through the crowds mind,
like evil through mankind
90's was crazy, mothers suffocate
babies, Jeffrey Dahmer, the
uni-bomber Devil's children stomp
through the streets, like an
At-at Walker Advice from the life hater,
You want to save the country,
kill all the teenagers

Turn the heat up
Turn the fuckin' heat up

[Verse 2]
I smoke like Richard Pryors afro on fire
I gets Motley hot, my pentagram is live wired
I'm a liar, I'm a cheat, I'm a filthy handed thief
Fuck you life and fuck your beliefs
I'm the dragon, breathe fire, stay pissed like the Kraken
So raise your fist if your pissed about my song
Look to the sky and you'll see God is gone

[Repeat Chorus]
(Ha Ha)

Written by: Jerod Mankin, Marty Mccoy, Mike Steele, Shaun Mccoy, Tommy Johnson

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