Samantha Jade Turn Around Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Is it me or did we agree to love?
Tell me why I don't feel we got enough
It's you
But what about me?
It seems like you live a life without me

Everything seems to have your time but us
My space in your heart is closing up
And the place where your picture's hanging
Is the only time you're with me

Don't leave me out here all alone
Oh, no
I'm still right here
Where'd you go?

Look around
Don't you feel something missing?
I'm the one you promised you would love
But you got ahead so far away

While I'm holding on
Please turn around
I see you
But I don't feel you

Can't get your attention to save my love
Look back and see me now
Don't let me down
Please turn around

[Verse 2:]
I think I must of gave too much
'Cause I felt that the road was getting rough
Suddenly I felt lonely out here
I look beside me
To find you're not there

Said you would love and protect me
All I have are the words you left me
Here I stand
With the plans in my head
This can't be the kinda love that you said

[Repeat Hook:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

If you only see the tears
I'm crying on my pillow
That doesn't compare to what you're doing to my soul

Don't you even know that
I'm in need of love
I'm calling you
But you don't seem to hear a thing
I'm losing you now

[Repeat Chorus x2:]

Turn around
Just turn around
Turn around

Look around, baby
Look around, baby
Look around, baby

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