King Louie Turn 2 Me Lyrics

City on my back but there's tine on my stun
Fuck she make ma vomit
My chappa hold a honey and a swanny for that fifty ain't shitty
These nigga's all in bitches
I got bitches for my bitches
Don't got no time for these hors
Make sure my shoos they match my clothes
Do what really catch these hores
Won't smoking gas wile I'm driving fast
At the lock they call for smash
They need the spasm and they need this spinner
I love my 'with weird winner
From the bottom to the top
I don't wanna fuck I just want top
I heard you clack in all my watch
Robbing all and then get kill, don't kill me just love me for real
And send 'em after I will, I'm fucking nigga's bitches
I got 'like losers, get my 'from Mercedes
...and now the bundles'
Bitch my life should be a channel, what we remove
Turn 2 me, turn 2 me
I'm on TV. just take a vision
They say they're watching us like '
I know these pussy nigga see me
Yeah I start to move a '
Nigga starving, nigga snakes
Life's a garden, since I'm balling, I've been scoring, bitch please
Turn 2 me
Fuck your man hore, I'm your man
Number one, I am the man
Your girlfriend it's my biggest fan, you make a man when you're on the way home
She's going in room like 'better remove
Turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, easy

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