Lil Wayne Tunechi's Back Lyrics

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Man, **** these *****s
Tunechi's back, Tunechi's back
That's all these btiches screaming that Tunechi's back
All eyes on me
***** pict' how I'm rollin'
Strapped up with that mac
Masked up like a goalie
Mad my ***** on that coke
She snorted 4 on the bed
Now the ***** on me
She selling ***** and pay me

They sayin' Tunechi's back, Tunchi's back
And I bought them twins with me *****, click and clack
Lets go

Out on bail
Work on the scale
Put some change on ya head
Boy, you on sale
Yeah I see you in hell
Pop pop get well
Make breakfast cause I got you walking on egg shells
Zan with that lean
I ain't a beggin' mutha****a
But ***** please

And I aim this mutha****a at your memories
And all my *****s bloods but we make you *****s bleed
Yeah, bloody mary
I'm the one with the money so I ain't the one with the gun
All I do is give the word to the one with the gun
I'm triple OG, ? splitting the sweet
**** *****es get money
Mission complete

Man **** the *****s I ain't worried bout 'em
These *****s pure *****, pull a pearl out em
Yeah, I got a virgin I call her Madaonna
But I ain't trippin, her head is a monster
Yeah, we do this for real
Swear to God I never shoot unless I'm shooting to kill
Young wild mutha-fcka pop you and a pill
Boy instead of writing raps you should be writing your will
You a dead man, I get to poppin this *****
Watch where your head land
I ain't right I swear to God, I need my head scanned
Stand up and eat that ***** while she on a head stand
I'm a dog hoe, camo cargo's, semi auto's
My ***** sniff more lines than a barcode
Wish I could take a shot of Ciroc with Pac
Sorry for the wait til my album drop