MU330 Tune Me Out Lyrics

Crab Rangoon Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Tune Me Out
  • 2 Ireland
  • 3 Funny Papers
  • 4 Neighbors
  • 5 Father Friendly
  • 6 Understand
  • 7 Fragile
  • 8 Jason
  • 9 X-mas Card
  • 10 Around You
  • 11 Good Homes
  • 12 The Struggle of Helen
  • 13 Organic Gun
  • 14 Now

  • turn it on turn it on and tune me out
    it's so romantic
    you and me and your tv
    we made dinner with candles
    bagles with lax
    and we watched cops
    i think i forgot
    what your eyes look like
    when they're not reflecting 90210
    turn it on and tune me out
    you don't need intimacy
    turn it on and tune me out
    you've got big screen tv
    we sat hand in hand
    i watched you watch your tv
    you fell asleep to baywatch
    mitch saved babes as i watched the clock
    i wonder are you dreaming
    and should i keep believing
    do i mean more to you than
    so much more to you than magnum

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