Lame Ducks Tuesday Lyrics

Can't wait to get off work, to see you guys.
And start to play with all of the little energy I've got left.
Every Tuesday, it's you and I and a wall of sound.
It's the passion and heart, it's the look in your eyes.
Like nothing else matters in the world.
Feeling so good, I'm free as a bird.
I hope you feel the same way too. So I'm not being played as a fool.
Cause my heart belongs to the band. It is my destiny.
And if people don't like the way we play.
They can go away, cause we all know:
That on our show, we play for fun, and not for the fame.

Your all like my brothers, and I feel like we're a family.
When we're playing, we're getting it on. Having fun just playing a song.
Don't feel sorry, just be merry. Let the music flow through your body.
Leave your problems at home.
Just have fun when everyone drops to this every single Tuesday.

When I think about it. This really can't be faith.
It's just like everything was meant to be.
Cause when some people have this strange connection,
it can't be a coincidence that they met.
What comes around, comes around hard.
I believe that this is a perfect match.
I just wanna thank you for being a part of my life.
It means the world to me, to see you play those songs I wrote.
Cause when you play it goes back on who I am.
And warms me up, deep down inside my worried heart.
Thank you for everything I have!

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