Tree Truth Lyrics

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I have to come to terms
with the true definition of I
I have to re-evaluate
myself with myself
my own proof of worth
for nobody else
If the Truth be known
I'll always be alone
to think I thought
I knew myself
Truth-let the truth be know
The pain of being my worst enemy
can no longer be endured
the pollution must end
Time to be my best friend
Time to be reborn
in a value of my own
If the Truth be known
I'll always be alone
Truth-let the truth be known
Downsizing the American Dream Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blind Me
  • 2 Truth
  • 3 Same Old Song Remains the Same
  • 4 X- Communicated
  • 5 Running With the Devil
  • 6 Homefront
  • 7 Stands Alone
  • 8 Paper
  • 9 Badge
  • 10 Burnt
  • 11 Deadline
  • 12 Elephant
  • 13 Highway
  • 14 This Land Is Your Land
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