The D4 Trust Nobody Lyrics

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Nothing ever came to me easy
Nothing ever came to me free
I’ve been looking out for something to please me
Well I’ve been working everyday of the week

(Hey you!) Nothing ever came to me easy
(Hey you!) Nothing ever came to me free
(Hey you!) I get every little thing that I wanted
(Hey you!) I get whatever I need

Don’t put your trust in nobody
You can’t trust nobody but yourself
(No no no)

Everybody’s gonna keep on pushing
Cause everybody’s got something to hide
But you know when push comes to shoving
Your brothers gonna leave you behind


[Chorus x2]

Keep on confusing
The line between fiction and fact
They got smiles they don’t mind using
While their sharpening the knife for your back


[Chorus x2]
Out of My Head Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sake Bomb
  • 2 Out of My Head
  • 3 Feel It Like It
  • 4 What I Want
  • 5 Trust Nobody
  • 6 Stops Me Cold
  • 7 Omerta
  • 8 Out of Control
  • 9 Too Stupid
  • 10 Do No Right
  • 11 Peepshow
  • 12 Savage
  • 13 Sake Bomb (English version)
  • 14 RockNRule
  • 15 Diamond, Ruby, Stone

  • Written by: Dion Palmer, James Christmas, Lalo Creme, Sebastian Beresford

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