Red Sovine Truck Driver's Prayer Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 Old Rivers
  • 2 Little Rosa
  • 3 Nobody's Business feat: Minnie Pearl
  • 4 Daddy
  • 5 Pledge of Allegiance
  • 6 Last Goodbye
  • 7 Truck Driver's Prayer
  • 8 Be Careful of Stones That You Throw
  • 9 Vietnam Deck of Cards
  • 10 Old Pine Tree
  • I got something kinda special I'd like to say to all you truck drivers out there who might be listening right now
    Also a truck drivers prayer I'd like to pass along to you
    Cuz I think it's kind of special too

    But first, Now I gotta few things I've been wanting to say to you guys for a long time
    And I think right now is a good time to do it

    Like did you know that me and just about everyone in country music who travel a lot
    Have nothing but the highest respect for you the truck driver
    Cuz its a fact that some of the best drivers are truck drivers
    And the most safety mindedl, the most courteous and the first to stop and help when there's trouble

    And little things like blinking signals lights to help someone pass
    So you just gotta be good people
    Like some I've had the pleasure of meeting
    Down to earth, hard-working family men

    And a lot of you like our country music and that makes you okay in my book
    Sounds like Im blowing smoke, don't it
    But I'm not
    Cuz it boils down to this,

    If everyone would drive liek you guys do
    There would be a lot less accidents and deaths on the highway
    So truck driver, buddy, you are appreciated more then you'll ever know
    And we salute you, now for the prayer

    Now this truck drivers prayer was sent to me, by a truck driver from Oklahoma City
    He found it in a truck stop, Mary's Cafe in Cahokia, Il

    Now this prayer means a lot to him
    And I think it will you too, so if you will give a listen
    And see if it isn't your prayer too

    Dear God above bless this truck I drive
    and help me keep someone alive
    Be my mortal sight this day
    on the street where little children play

    Bless my helper fast asleep when the night is long
    and keep my cargo safe and sound
    through the hours big and round

    Make my judgment sound as steel
    and be my hands upon the wheel

    Bless the traveler going past
    and teach them not to go so fast

    Give me strength for every trip
    so I may care for what they ship

    And make me mindful every mile
    that life is just a little while....Amen

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