Waylon Jennings Trouble Man Lyrics

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I was so ugly the doctor slapped my momma when i was born
Then he took out his pocket knife and cut off my horns
He said lady if you ain't already picked out a name
Go ahead on and call him trouble man

He's gonna be wild, I'm giving you warning
He's gotta have room, keep an eye on him

I grew up with long and lean and hungry looks
I learned you can't go nowhere when you go by the book
People all around me earthbound,i learned how to fly
Upside, downside, outside, sailing on by

Out of my reach,out of my hands
Out of control, trouble man

I've been so far in all directions as you can get
I ain't never had enough of anything yet
I had women that tore me apart without any reason
I say baby i don't get mad i just get even

I don't explain if you don't understand
I'm my own man,trouble man
Trouble man

Written by: Tony Joe White, Waylon Jennings
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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