Marvin Gaye Trouble Man (LIVE Oakland-Alameda Jan 4 '74) Lyrics

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Trouble Man (Live in Oakland 1974) 6:38
(Marvin Gaye)
Recorded: January 4, 1974 Oakland Coliseum
Tamla Records #54228 single vrs.charted #7 Dec 16, 1972+.
Marvin Gaye - lead vocal
Band: David T. Walker & Ray Parker - guitars
James Getzoff & Jack Shulman - violin
Ernie Watts - sax, Paul Hubinon - trumpet
George Bohanon - trombone, Joe Sample - keyboards
(Motown's GREAT-James Jamerson - bass. Ed Green - drums
Joe Clayton - congas, John Arnold - percussion.
*Bkg vocals - Eric Dolen, Charles Burns, Dwight Owens
Michael Torrance, Wally Cox.
Producer: Marvin Gaye, Egr: Cal Harris; Bill Schnee
Album: Motown Records 'Marvin Gaye Live'

(instrumental intro)

'Got the blues'

'Wrong wit you baby!'


Come up hard (life struggle so hard) (he's come up hard)
Down and blue (he's down and blue) (he's got the grooves)
I didn't make it, sho' (he planned to make) (he never made)
Playin' by the rules (a new set of rules) (the grooves in the rules)

Come up hard, baby (start your way behind)
I've gotta fight (dream about it) (need my pride)
Take control, sugar (shakin' trouble)
Movin' down the line (movin' by) (ease my mind)

I come up hard (believe in what you want)
That's okay, cause (a great escape)
Trouble man (trouble, trouble- (trouble) - man)
Don't get in my way (don't get in my way, for sure)

Come up hard (now, he's gonna)
(I'm gonna live the life)
I'm in for real, babe (I'm gonna live)
A trouble life (a real trouble life)
Gon' keep moo-vin' (goin' to groove)
Gon' go to town (he's goin' to town)

I come up hard (I said, you know you are)
I come up gettin' down (and really hittin' the ground)
There's only three things (said you would)
That's fo' sho' (a real trouble life)
Taxes, death and trou-ble (said you would) hoo! sorrow
(Said you would)

This I know (some day, so good)
This I know, sugar (so cool)
Hoo! (so good)
I ain't gon' let it sweat me, damn sure
Ow! Not me, baby (yeah!)

(C'mon, rip it')


Come up hard (life stuggles are hard)
I had the fights (fights really hard)
Took care of my business, sugar (take care of business)
(Real) With all my mights (he's uptight)

I come up hard (hard to fight) (hard had to win)
And I had to win (I hope I win)
Start all over (start right over)
And win again (then win again) (did it my own way)

I come up hard, baby (she broke my heart)
But that's okay (but it's okay, he's) 'cause
Trouble man (trouble, trouble, man)
Don't get in my way, baby (don't get in his way)
(Don't get the break) (But he play for ree-al)


I come up hard (myself right)
Ooh, baby (gonna need might)
I'll be for real sure (I'll be movin')
When we start the fights (can't stop to fight)

Gonna keep movin' (gonna keep movin')
Gonna go to town (he's goin' to town)
I come up hard (I come up hard) (hard, really hard)
An I come up, gettin' down (come up getting down)
OOH! (three things, for sho')
There are three things for sure (for sho')
Taxes (taxes) death and trouble (sorrow)

Oh, this I know (this I know)
Oh, baby (baby, this I know)
This I know, baby
(This I know, baby this I know) yeah, alright
Ain't gonna let it sweat me, baby (trouble)

'Lord, have mercy!'
'Woo! <applause>
'Hoo! how about it, baby?
'I got somethin'
'Wow! look out

I come up so hard, this I know
But, I don't matter what people say
That's okay, they don't bother me
(For sure, makin' love, ooh)
(Baby, this I know, ooh baby this I know)
I'm ready to make it
Don't care what the weather
Don't care 'bout no trouble
Got myself together
I feel the kind of protection that's
All around me (baby, yes I know it is)

I come up hard (my trouble mind) baby
(My trouble mind)
I be in for real (he's in for real)
With a trouble mind (with a trouble life)
Goin' keep movin' (move, he's goin' to groove)
Goin' to town (he's goin' to town)
I'm never wrong (I'm never wrong)
Come up, gettin' down
(Come up, gettin' down)

There's only three things
(Oh, for sure, makin' love)
That's for sho' (for sure, makin' love)
Taxes, death and trouble
(Taxes, trouble (real) (sorrow)
This I know, this I know
Ain't gon' let it sweat me, baby

'I'm gon play a little bit a piano right now'

Woo! (piano, horns & instrumental 4:18)

Hold! ho-old!
'I need some water'
<shut off piano> Ray 5:40 OOW!

Come up hard (Marv, come up hard)
Oh, baby (Marv, travel hard)
Oh, baby (Marv, come up hard)
Oh, baby (Marv, travel far)

I had to fight, baby (fight so hard)
I had to scratch (scratch so hard) (down blue)
I had to crawl (Marv, climb so hard)
Get out again (Marv, come up hard)

It was alright, baby
(Marv, satisfied)
Oh, yes it was
(Marv, good and tall)
Oh, my-my (Marv, come up hard)
(Marv, trouble hard )
(Marv, trouble hard)

Oh, baby (Marv, come up hard)
I know what no one knows
(Marv's come up hard)
Yes, in deed
(Marv, come up hard)
I come up - woo!

Marvin spoken:
'Nobody tried to help me, sugar!
'I had to scratch on my own, baby'

'Nobody tried to do me no good'
'Life was hard!'

<track cuts off>

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