George Jones Trouble in Mind Lyrics

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Trouble in mind; I'm blue
But I won't be blue always
Because the sun's gonna shine
In my back door someday

I'm gonna lay my head
On some lonesome railroad line
And let that 2:19
Pass through my worried mind

Trouble in mind; I'm blue
And I've almost lost my mind
Sometimes I feel like livin'
Sometimes I feel like dyin'

I'm going down to the river
I'm going to buy me a rockin' chair
And if the blues don't leave me
I'm goin' to rock away from here

Trouble in mind; I'm blue
My ol' heart is a beating slow
I never had so much trouble
In my life before

My good gal, she's gone to Sydney
And it sure did grieve my mind
When you see me laughing
I'm just a trying to keep from cryin'.

Trouble in mind...

Written by: Richard M. Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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