The Wow Treez Lyrics

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Smoking trees, light that shit , smoke it (x4)

Give me a eiffel white widow
While I'm write this demo
Super sticky sativa homie that's my MO
Get out my nigga super when I wanna get blow
Hook me up with that cooper trooper nigga get me a O'
Then I'm ready to go taking tutor to chess
On the 3D TV pineapple express
I don't mess with the seats I don't fuck with the stress
I only fuck with the kush because I come from the west
Yes now you can say that I'm addicted to refill
I like the orange kush like my nigga Khalifa
I puff in the hatch mix in with the sativa
I ain't from KC but your boy is a chiefa
Ye, now just watch me inhale
Exhale ,don't you dig that smell
That's why I got my head in the clouds
I'm from the west bitch where only the best is allowed
Let's go

Smoking trees, light that shit , smoke it (x4)
Light that shit , smoke it (x3)

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