Fiend Traveling Shoes Lyrics

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I'm greeted about curry, coffee and tea
I'm greeted about curry, coffee and tea
When I wake up Gs and the pillow gets...
When I break up with the Instagram this grands,
you'll think I...
Instead is passport, go friends, wave up
It's the minimalist... when ideas don't own a yacht
But somehow watch this!
Only the ..get cheesy,
all I do is win like a lady's been on her knees
No matter my ... is where she gonna be, on her knee
..look at my belt causing the.. boobs on the shelve
Daddy was a hustler, brother was too
Tell me Mr. John, what the fuck they made you?
Fee for the money, flow make the street hot
... smoking sweet pie...
Hell from a land, what it's hell gonna land
With maneuver in the cloud.. that's been pranked
With these jump out hoes, jumping out those bands
I thought my connections fly here to...
International... blowing up the...

I got on my traveling shoes, I'm always on the move
..on the globe
I'm ready to go!
I'm ready to go, yeah!
I'm ready to go!

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