Kasabian Trash Can Lyrics

Club Foot EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Club Foot
  • 2 Reason Is Treason
  • 3 Trash Can
  • 4 Club Foot
  • 5 Reason Is Treason
  • No turnin' back, no turnin' back
    My friend you got a glassjaw
    But I like it
    I see my head this time
    And I'm, I'm a fugitive
    But a less for the long run
    I'm aware, I'm aware that I, I can't get down
    I cheat the sun as I'm fallin' off
    As you pass them off on me
    And I'm, I'm sorry but nobody's safe
    Nobody's safe

    No turnin' back, no turnin' back
    The circuitry has bound my face to a line
    Blood pass this body
    But I feel that I've been saved
    Pulse with the heartbeats
    Backtrack the clock
    It keeps on knockin'
    Its changed and betraying me

    I see no sun and I feel alright
    And I call out "its suffocating me"
    'Cause nobody's safe
    Nobody's safe

    Written by: Christopher Karloff, Sergio Pizzorno
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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