Murs Transitions Of A Rider Lyrics

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Now I heard that heaven is a halfpipe well thats only half right, you dont have to skate vert to find your heaven on this earth, you can skate a parking lot and see it all for what its worth, heelflip 12 stairs and still receive your share, hardware to the wood no risers at all, on the low life skating before bling was involved, now they got platinum chains to match they brains. understand i'm not hating im just saying that its strange that Hosoi's locked up Tony Hawks got a game, Even though everything has changed I still love it the same. 16 years later still doing my thing, this goes out to all my riders who dont gang bang.

It used to be so dope we rode from cops at the spots,
Making magic, wreaking havoc in your local parking lots,
Now lets rock.
Pulling 15 stair nose slides (let's rock)
With my homies pulling airs backside (let's rock)
Old Skool Dogtown Bertslide (let's rock)
Ever time we bailed we got back up and tried.

Now i first started skating back in 1986 and i still cant land a motherfucking kickflip.
I just like to ride, kickturn, carve the bowl.
And my most impressive flatland trick, ollie the road.
Even though im not out of control, its good for my soul to go out and test my limits, no coach, no scrimmage.
one of the few sports in life that promotes independence, so this is my ode to everyone who roll, two trucks and four wheels
those who ride everyday
to develope more skills
urethane and pain
7 plies of wood grain
do the same trick for weeks
til it drives you insane
but when you land that trick
it's spiritual bliss
where nirvana meets the asphalt
attempted there for weeks
you've been working your ass off
and it's not about a girl or some props from your boys
you do it for yourself and that sense of inner joy


Now you can ride for fun, flow, am or pro, its like underground rap its not about that tho'
Although it is nice to make loot at what you love, said me and James Craig talking life over Grovel, me and G-Mo's posted outside the club, If they dont let you wear your skate shoes then fuck them scrubs
look i don't play ball or organized sports
catch me at the skatepark in some border-type shorts
and some quarter pipe sport
SKATE is sorta like HORSE
and we don't feel pain it's the daughter life source
and we can make our own fun we don't gotta find a court
it's as plain as this, we could skate a drainage ditch
ride with the homies pull the insanest shit
that'll never get filmed but
still it makes you feel like a hundred thousand dollars
when you hear your boys hollar
and this is dedicated to my skateboard scholars

It used to be so dope we rode from cops at the spots,
Making magic, wreaking havoc in your local parking lots,
Now lets rock.

Now on the real note. id like to take a moment to say rest in peace to all your favourite skate spots, like EMB, LOVE Park. moment of silence. Rest in peace Keenan Milton, keep ridin'.
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