Ransom Transition Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Probly the realest shit I ever wrote
How you comin up wit bars when you sellin dope
Winter time seen a fiend try and sell a coat
That’s when I spit the realest shit instead of tellin jokes
Wasnt a problem when a nigga wasnt eatin
Dirty ass boots and them bitches wasn't speakin
Now I’m gettin money fly to Vegas for the weekend
Out in San Juan cuz I only fuck with Puerto Ricans
The Don of the East Land, calm on the beach
But I keep my hands dirty cuz my palms in the streets
Hood politician with a good pot to piss in
I am opposite of Barack so if you could Josh a missin’
Decano of rap, paint pictures on the clap
And the snare in the hat Shakespeare on the track
It appears that I’m back like a bear on attack
Keep my ears on the facts, put my peers on the map
Sent to prison cuz I was a little out of order
Couple years later now I cant figure out my daughter
Toys R' Us trips got her spoiled from the jump
Felt guilty I was gone I buy her anything she want
Everyday I’m drunk, tryna figure out my path
will we ever be rich before we witness God’s wrath
Damn.. I’m tryna figure out my path
Will be ever be rich before we witness God’s wrath
Jack-son like Bo runnin the 50 yard dash
in my cellar would never listen to yall spittin yall trash
The poet of the century up in the penitentiary
Fuck it its elementary spit it with such intensity
I’m close to the riches in my heart I can feel it
But never would I jeopardize my heart and my spirit
Damn.. I’m so close I can feel it
But never would I jeopardize my heart and my spirit

[Verse 2]
Who you know wit a better storyline?
Before I’m done the name Ransom will be Immortalized
No smoke in no mirrors and no distorted lies
The truth of the matter will leave em horrified
Deep in my daughters eyes I can see confusion
Cuz her parents not organized
And thats where the torture lies
Came home my daughter started runnin from me
My baby mother all she want is money from me
And why am I nervous as hell?
I seen an old man burned in his cell
For no purpose but mail
Came home rappin, like nothin happened
Like I aint leave a place where they keepin my brothers trapped in
Now I’m in a transitional phase
And I dont want my ambition to fade
Plans switchin, Rans missin these days
My fam bitchin, man listen I’m dazed
My damn vision, fans listen amazed
They dont know how I be comin up with it
They hear the pain in my voice
I dont be makin up this shit
I aint them other pricks I dont be on the other shit
I’m as hard as them kidney stones that made my mother sick
And made me wanna flip
But last time I did that I lost 2 years I’d never get back
Made me wanna quit rap
I had to sit back, analyse life how could I risk that
Tearin up the booth I kinda miss that
So it’s time to get back, dig deep, spit crack
And when I’m talkin money n bundles its cuz I miss Stacks
Picked up my pen to write, bunkie doin 10 to life
Told me thats the shit that turn men to mic's
Send the kite
Now when you touch down, Ran, bend the mic
Nigga you the truth
But the truth is a bully niggas pretend to like
Shit hurts me, january 13th
The night I got the worst sleep
C.O.'s tryna search me
I only pay attention when its dirt cheap
But I’m out the door they can’t hurt me
Curse the day that they cursed me
Yeah I’m glad I made it but I aint fascinated
Starin at my Affidavit tryna get Acclimated
Some niggas wish I was assassinated
I made it back aint got congratulated
These Labels procrastinated
Now I’m takin it in my own hands
I’m a grown man, niggas will never own Ran
Now that kid that seen his father get sniped
Turned out to be larger then life
So please pardon my gripes
Cuz bein real is just a part of my stripes
So I never let the money and fame tarnish my sight

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