Teen Idles Trans Am Lyrics

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You've got a souped up automobile
You're a regular demon on wheels
You get drunk with the boys
You go out and make lots of noise
You've got back tires four feet wide
Flaming decals on the side
Peeling out at the light
Drag racing down the pike

Trans Am
Ain't no car that's faster than a
Trans Am
Call you Speed Racer 'cause you got a
Trans Am

Cruising around with your immaculata girl
Squeal your tires, take here for a whirl
She loves you but she's second by far
Everybody knows you're in love with your car
Cruising with the boys see a GTO with mags
Ask the driver if you wanna drag
He was good but not good enough
You left him in a cloud of dust

See a Camero who thinks that he's cool
You ask him to drag 'cause he'll look like a fool
Sparks and pebbles begin to spew
You bit off more than you can chew
100 mph you hit a tree
What was left wasn't pretty to see
Johnny's through being a star
He's lost his life and he's totalled his car
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