Scent of Flesh Towards Eternal Lost Lyrics

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Bless the wicked mind of mine
Show me the light
Guidance for the weak
Lay your hands above me
I can sense the path of believer

Covert by fear, controlled by illusions
Mind is so weak
Trap of the nature
Going insane
Still fighting
Illness or damnation

Facing thed demons, searching the soul
praying only relief
Spirits in me howling, mourning and bleeding
senseless cruelty
Emptiness fills the roaring depths of insanity
Never again...

All what is darkens to black
Agony and pain flowing every single vain
Panicing till lost hoping better start for all
Facing the fears endless horror sights
Cursed for eternity

Towards eternal lost, Infernal pain will flow
gathering together every motion and desire
Tortured mind arising from depths


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