Lil’ Zane Too Hot to Stop Lyrics

Young World: The Future Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Top Down
  • 2 M.O.N.E.Y.
  • 3 Callin' Me
  • 4 What Must I Do
  • 5 Die Famous
  • 6 Partners Come Along Too
  • 7 None Tonight
  • 8 Ride on Em
  • 9 Ways of the World
  • 10 All About the Fun
  • 11 What's Up
  • 12 You Must Really Love Me
  • 13 Too Hot to Stop
  • 14 Beautiful Feelin'
  • 15 We Ain't the One / You Don't Wanna Fuck With Us
  • [Verse 1]
    Often caught up in the game, how can I explain
    But no pain no gain so I can't complain
    If it's not a plane it's a train, I'm switchin' lanes
    On the road to the riches in the speed lanes
    And if I clash or colide with the other side
    Livin my life why cause my passengers got ???
    kept myeyes on the prize looking straight ahead
    Showing me the ass as I pass as the chicks said

    Too Hot Too hot to stop
    baby gonna keep on shining so don't try to hate it
    Too Hot Too Hot to stop
    baby better run for shelter if you actin' shady

    [Verse 2]
    I know you think I'm actin' funny right
    But this real girl gotta get my money right
    I'm here one day flyin' out the next night
    U-P-S flight I'm only tryna live the best life
    I rip rhyms who funess right hopin sex erects I bet
    You wonder what the sex like
    Grab ya dick now tell me if it's skiny or thick my shits legit
    I promise I'ma hit to you quick
    I'm lickin my lips and bout to go down but slow down
    I don't know bout you baby you been around
    I tell you a secret do you promise you can keep it
    Shorty gon make a video and let me keep it
    You see I'm only doing it to show you I'm true
    Nobody better gettin wetter just by huggin you
    Screamed out I'ma end up lovin you
    Shut ya mouth get on the couch put this thug in you


    [Verse 3]
    You said I'm too young look who sprung
    This thug like a drug and I got you strung
    feel he rush is in lust when our tongues touch
    Love is scary shouldent I marry before I bust a nut
    I'ma hit you right you disappear into the night give
    me a call when you want it you can have it all
    I'm stackin chips and the dough will attract chicks
    They pockets use to stay broke before I got em' fixed
    never the less when I dress I begin the best see me in
    the suit lookin cute I got on the vest niggas gon test
    Run up in ya spot like callabine
    Use to regilize seen ya face a thousand times even the tile is mine
    ain't wild as mine we gon forever bump and grind till
    the child is mine be my confidine while I live this
    life of ryhme sharin ice with the wife of mine sure to shine

    [Chorus to fade]

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