Eminem Tonya (skit) Lyrics

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Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey!
Please, stop! ****! Stop!
Thank God you stopped
****, my ****ing On-Star isn't working
I left my ****ing phone at home
God, I've been standing out here for like an hour
I'm soaking wet, freezing
Thank you so much
Really, you're a life-saver
What are you doing?
****ing get away from me
What the ****?
****in *******
Get away from me, you ************
Get away
Get away you ****in' freak
Get away from me
God damn it, ****
Help me!

Written by: Mark Christopher Batson, Marshall B. Iii Mathers, Michael A. Elizondo, Trevor Lawrence, Dawaun W. Parker, Andre Romell Young
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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